More than a goodbye: TV Patrol Bicol challenges Bicolanos to be more discerning

Mylce Mella, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 30 2020 09:58 PM

TV Patrol Bicol Anchor Rizza Mostar wiped her tears, while her co-anchor Gerard Lorbes reads the closing statement for the Bicolanos.

NAGA CITY, Camarines Sur – ABS-CBN Bicol is one of the 12 regional stations that bid farewell after 23 years of operations. 

On Friday, its morning show Marhay na Aga Kapamilya and afternoon program TV Patrol Bicol, both delivered in the Bicolano language, had its final newscast.

Instead of just saying goodbye, TV Patrol Bicol Anchors’ Gerard Lorbes and Rizza Mostar delivered a closing statement on behalf of the local station.

Lorbes looked back when TV Patrol Bicol and TV Patrol Legazpi merged in 2006 that paved the way to a more comprehensive regional news coverage.

“Utang na boot mi saindo na inako, pinadagos nindo kami sa saindong mga harong kada hapon. Nagin dakulang parte na man kami kan saindong aroaldaw na pagkabuhay --- kadamay sa mga panahon nin kalamidad asin pagtios. Magkasabay niyatong pig-rokyaw an satuyang lokal na herowe --- an ordinaryong mga Bikolano na nakagibo nin imposible asin nakararahay sa komunindad," he said.

(We owe it to the Bicolanos, who have allowed us to be in their homes every afternoon. And we appreciate being a part of your day. We were together during calamities and each others’ hardships. Also, we have shared inspiring stories of our local heroes –- they are the ordinary Bicolanos who have done great things for our community.)

“Saro po na onra na magin tagapag-biklad kan saindong mga istorya asin tagapagbantay kan mga nasa poder. Onra po para samuya na makapagsirbe saindo," he added.

(It is an honor to be your storytellers and watchdog of our local leaders and those who hold power positions. It is our honor to serve you.)

Lorbes and Mostar, on behalf of the ABS-CBN News Bicol, posed this challenge to the Bicolano audience.

“Hagad mi po saindo gabos, magi nanggad na mapagbusisi sa gabos na mga nasasagap na impormasyon," Lorbes said.

(To our Bicolano viewers, we appeal to you to become more discerning to the information that comes to you.)

Mostar, on the other hand, thank the Bicolanos, not only those who patronized the local programs of ABS-CBN in the region, but also those who stood with ABS-CBN.

“Nagsusupay an pasasalamat kan manihamiento kan ABS-CBN Bicol, sa gabos na nagpahiling nin suporta, nangadye, asin nanindugan para sa Kapamilya Network," she said.

(ABS-CBN Bicol’s management expresses its heartfelt gratitude to those who have shown support, prayed, and stood with the network.)

Lorbes' and Mostar's closing statement reiterated the network's message after regulators shut down ABS-CBN's broadcast operations and Congressmen denied its bid for a new franchise.

Meanwhile, Aireen Perol-Jaymalin, ABS-CBN South Luzon Cluster head and former Bicol News chief, said she hopes that the Bicolanos will not be easily swayed by misinformation and disinformation. 

Although the local operation of ABS-CBN in the Bicol region has ceased, some of its retrenched workers will try to fill the void of independent journalism in the region, by establishing a media cooperative.

“Bicolanos, see you around. May mga parte po ABS-CBN Bicol now who wants to continue," Perol-Jaymalin said.

(Bicolanos, see you around. There are people from ABS-CBN Bicol now who still want to continue.)

At the end of TV Patrol Bicol’s final newscast was a photo montage of its more than sixty retrenched workers.