No drug matrix from Odicta, says lawyer


Posted at Aug 30 2016 05:37 PM

MANILA – The lawyer of slain trader Melvin Odicta has belied rumors that the alleged drug kingpin released a matrix of drug personalities before he was killed.

Lawyer Raymond Fortun said the rumor that Odicta released a drug matrix may be meant to ''rattle those who had earlier been named in the President's list, or to justify their deaths and even the death of Odicta's lawyers."

'''Tinira 'yan ng mga drug associates' would be the convenient excuse,'' Fortun said in a statement.

Fortun said amid the rumors surrounding the deaths of the Odictas, what is true is that Melvin executed a sworn statement before the police's Criminal Investigation and Detection Grouip last August 25,2016 categorically stating that he was not a drug lord, nor was he known as "Dragon."

Fortun also issued a warning should anything happen to him.

''I have lived a clean life free from drugs or gambling. I go to mass daily and i lead a church choir. I have not amassed wealth through the practice of law; in fact, my latest model car was purchased in 2011,'' Fortun said. 

''So if I am gunned down, do not believe that it is the handiwork of the drug associates of Odicta. Please do your duty to seek the truth if the unthinkable happens," he added. 


Melvin and his wife had just alighted from a roll-on roll-off vessel at around 1:30 a.m. Monday when an unidentified assailant hailed bullets on them.

Police rushed the couple to the Malay District Hospital, where they were declared dead by an attending physician.

President Rodrigo Duterte maintained that Melvin alias "Dragon," was involved in illegal drugs not only in Iloilo but in many parts of the Visayas.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) earlier identified Odicta as a top drug kingpin in Iloilo province who went by the name "Dragon" in the underground trade.

Odicta, in a meeting with Interior secretary Ismael Sueno, maintained his innocence. The Odictas, Sueno said, went to Manila because they felt threatened in Iloilo.