The ANC Brief: Jolo blasts


Posted at Aug 25 2020 05:00 AM

Are the two explosions in Jolo the handiwork of terrorists? Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Twin blasts
The military said the Abu Sayyaf is their suspect in the twin blasts in Jolo, Sulu that left at least 13 people dead. A female suicide bomber is said to be responsible for the second explosion. As of this writing, Jolo is under lockdown while authorities investigate the incident.

Substantial powers
Proponents of a revolutionary government headed by President Duterte said they aim to give the president “extra powers” to bring about change that they said Congress has failed to deliver. Of course, as any law student knows, the office of the president already has substantial powers. Senators criticized calls for the formation of a revolutionary government, saying that kind of government won’t help “flatten the curve.” The Palace said Duterte won’t stay in office beyond 2022.

Stimulus plan
“Bayanihan 2,” legislation that is supposed to help the country weather the pandemic, has sailed through Congress and now needs just the signature of President Duterte before becoming a law. Among its vital features is a P165-billion stimulus package. Vice President Leni Robredo also addressed the nation to give her recommendations on how to prop the Philippine economy amid the pandemic. Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases in the country is closing in on 200,000.

Not an inch
The Palace said President Duterte won’t give an inch of Philippine territory to any country. Maritime expert Jay Batongbacal said the recent protest filed by Philippines against China for the confiscation of fish aggregating devices of Filipino fishermen indicates China is harassing Filipino fishermen closer to our coast. A ranking military official, Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade, said there needs to be “political will” in defending the West Philippine Sea. 

Alternative cure
A believer of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Cho Chiong Tan clues us in on the medical benefits of the drug LianHua QingWen JiaoNang and how it can help improve the recovery of COVID patients.