The Guardian on DU30 drug war: Street justice is no justice


Posted at Aug 24 2016 10:56 PM

Image grab of The Guardian's editorial, "Street justice is no justice"

MANILA – In an editorial, another foreign news organization touched on the government’s war on drugs.

United Kingdom-based publication The Guardian said that the US and European Union nations should "stand firm" if President Rodrigo Duterte attempts to play them off against China.

This, in light of extra-judicial killings allegedly done in the name of the government's campaign against illegal drugs, as well as Duterte’s "heavy-handed reminder to American patrons that he may warm ties with Beijing". 

On Sunday, Duterte railed against the United Nations (UN), saying the Philippines might leave the coalition and instead invite China and other nations to form a new organization.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has since laid any fears to rest, clarifying that the president’s words were only “a joke.”

Duterte: United Nations pull-out threat a 'joke'

While senators are investigating the killings, said the Guardian, Duterte's stance appears popular, "reflecting the toll that crime and violence has taken on Philippine society." 

However, it said that such drives can also claim innocent lives as well as those of dealers.

"Rights campaigners warn that it is hard to see an end in sight [to alleged drug-related killings] unless the US and EU nations make it clear that continuing will result in economic and diplomatic penalties," wrote the Guardian on Tuesday.

"There is every sign that Mr Duterte will attempt to play them off against Beijing. They should stand firm."

On Sunday, US-based publication New York Times published an editorial cartoon interpreting the administration’s "war on drugs," showing Duterte holding a shoulder-launched assault weapon, targeting a wormy apple on the head of a man representing the Philippines.

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