Kian shot twice in the head, no 'finishing shot': PNP Crime Lab


Posted at Aug 23 2017 01:59 PM

MANILA - An autopsy conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory shows 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos was shot twice in the head.

In a press conference Wednesday, medico legal officer Jane Monson, said the two bullets entered the left ear of the 11th grader and went out of the right ear.

An autopsy done by the Public Attorney's Office (PAO) forensic laboratory also showed that Delos Santos was shot 3 times—twice in the ear, once in the back.

The PAO forensic laboratory autopsy said the location of the gunshot wounds to his ears also showed that Delos Santos was on the ground when he was shot.

"Angulated 'yung trajectory. Ibig sabihin nakatayo lang 'yung shooter. Mukhang ang finishing shot 'yung tumama dito sa loob ng tenga," Dr. Erwin Erfe, chief of the PAO Forensic Laboratory, explained.

However, the PNP Crime Laboratory said the downward trajectory of the gunshots does not automatically mean that the teen was on the ground when he was shot. 

"[Puwedeng] matangkad 'yung assailant kasi pababa, or 'yung position nasa steep [place] sila tas nasa taas 'yung bumabaril. Pero we cannot really say na nakahiga or ano," said Monson, saying it could be a finishing shot. 

The PNP's medico legal officer, meanwhile, said a "finishing shot" is impossible as they did not find soot or stippling that would suggest that Delos Santos was shot pointblank. 

The PNP autopsy also found an incision that shows the body was embalmed already before it underwent autopsy, which makes it difficult to identify entry and exit points. 

"If it's embalmed,maraming limitations. Sometimes di mo talaga ma-recognize ang entry at exits if it's really embalmed na especially pag natahi na 'yan," she said.

Monson said under their protocol, bodies in violent crimes should not be embalmed before autopsy. But sometimes it is not in their control, she stressed, as families of the deceased want to embalm the body immediately. 

Public outrage is growing over Delos Santos' death, which had been decried as a case of extrajudicial killing under the administration's war against illegal drugs.

CCTV footage showedKian Loyd Delos Santos, Autopsy, PNP, Crime laboratory, Drugs, War on drugs that two cops in civilian clothes accosted Delos Santos towards the direction where he was killed. Witnesses also said they saw the officers blindfold and beat the teenager before the shooting. They added, Delos Santos was killed even though he was already pleading for his life.

Witnesses said they followed the cops and saw how they handed a gun to Delos Santos and instructed him to shoot it then run. When he heeded these instructions, the teenager was shot dead.