How did Arnell Ignacio get Pagcor post?


Posted at Aug 16 2016 07:09 PM

Actor-comedian Arnell Ignacio on Tuesday revealed he was not appointed to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) by simply being close with President Rodrigo Duterte.

Speaking on ANC's Headstart, Ignacio said it was not because he was one of Duterte's staunch celebrity supporters that he was appointed to Pagcor, nominated to be the Assistant Vice-President of the Community Relation and Services Department.

"I printed about ten to fifteen résumé, and when I met Ma’am Andrea [Domingo], she was asking for my number, I gave her my résumé; and, of course, I submitted one din sa Davao," he said.

He recounted, he did not host any of Duterte's campaign rallies until he was formally proclaimed the winner of the polls. In fact, he added, he had no access to then-candidate Duterte's miting de avance.

"The first time I met him, when Ma’am Honeylet [Avanceña] called me to come up on stage in the miting de avance, that was the first time I really got to meet him face-to-face," he said.

Then, he was told by Duterte, 'Do not worry, we will fix this country’ with "so much conviction," it moved him to tears and unable to deliver a speech he wanted to say.

Today, he said, Duterte calls him "a friend," and he believes the president "says that in all sincerity."


Ignacio recalled, when he was hosting his first television show with GMA-7, he met two elderly women who were crying and asking for his help because one had a grandchild with meningitis.

He offered to buy the prescribed medicine, and he said "that started" his desire to help the people.

He eventually tried his luck and ran for councilor twice, but lost on both occasions.

Ignacio is optimistic, however, that his post will help deliver the change he wants to do.

"I would prefer this position with Pagcor because it’s the same thing. Every day, I have a long line of people asking for dialysis, for help. This is where the comedic me became very useful," he said.

He maintained, the government position is not his retirement plan as many claim, and vow to keep up with the people in Pagcor to be able to deliver well.

"People in Pagcor are brilliant. They are. I cannot just go swimming along this river of people na magagaling and then just wing it. No, I have to do my job well, and the chairman has a lot of expectations from me,” he said.