Horn snail may prevent spread of cancer cells, claims UP study


Posted at Aug 15 2019 08:06 PM

Telescopium telescopium. Photo courtesy of UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

MANILA - Extracts from a horn snail locally known as bagongon were found to be possibly effective in preventing the spread of cancer cells by a group of University of the Philippines Manila students.

Telescopium telescopium, used to prepare Ilonggo dish ginataang bagongon, may inhibit angiogenesis or the formation of blood vessels from pre-existing ones, according to the study of UP Manila pharmacy students.

Inhibiting the blood vessels' growth would starve the cancer cells and stop its growth.

"Restriction of the tumor growth by Telescopium telescopium maybe due to the antiangiogenic activity of the compound rather than direct tumor cell killing ability," the study read.

The horn snail's antiangiogenic activity was tested using a partially opened fertilized duck egg where the growth of the blood vessels was observed.

"Based on the results, after treatment with a certain concentration of Telescopium telescopium extract, blood vessel size and length were reduced at a significant level. Growth of new blood vessels was inhibited, thus also inhibiting angiogenesis," according to the abstract of the study from UP's Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.