Police: 'Ecstasy' seized directly from Karen Bordador


Posted at Aug 15 2016 04:34 PM | Updated as of Aug 16 2016 10:38 AM

Model Karen Bordador was arrested over the weekend in a buy-bust operation. She is accused of selling drugs, particularly ecstasy. Photo from the Southern Police District

Police confirmed on Monday that drugs were seized directly from radio DJ Karen Bordador in a buy-bust operation over the weekend.

"For the three weeks surveillance, we cannot say that she was directly involved, but recovered from her possession are some ecstasy during the progress operation that was done by our operatives," said National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Spokesperson Chief Inspector Kimberly Molitas.

This, as Bordador reportedly claimed that she was just visiting her boyfriend Emilio Lim--who also goes by the name Eduardo Cruz--in his condominium unit when the authorities conducted the operation.

Molitas, however, refused to identify exactly how the drugs were seized from Borador, but said "that will be properly confirmed by operatives during the court hearings."

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Authorities seized P3-million worth of ecstasy, marijuana, marijuana oil, along with other drug paraphernalia, cash, and a money counting machine in the raid conducted in Lim's condominium unit over the weekend.

The police are ready to file the formal charges against the two after they have received the report from their crime laboratory confirming that they have indeed seized ecstasy and marijuana from the site.

"We have received the reports this morning, and we are already ready to file a case against Emilio Lim and Karen Bordador," said Molitas.

Meanwhile, through the investigation after the raid, authorities were able to deduce that Lim operates as a middle supplier who gets the supply from a source, and "then he sells this to other people who sells these on the ground."

Molitas said, they found out that Lim's operation reaches Pasay, Libis, Makati, and BGC.

"It’s a huge operation and we’re happy that we were able to seize around P2-million worth of ecstasy, marijuana, marijuana [oil] from this person, and we will continue our operations until we get to the end, and find who is the source of this person,” she said.

She added, they will continue to adhere to the orders of Police Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa to clean up the bars and other party places of illegal drugs.

"We would like to make sure that our party places will be safe for these young children, and we will continue to work and look for these other people who are supplying these illegal drugs to our young people," she said.