'Bring them to justice': Locsin on death of handcuffed Chinese national


Posted at Aug 13 2019 11:24 AM

MANILA - Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro "Teddy Boy" Locsin on Tuesday said he agrees with a statement of Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo that the killing of a Chinese citizen in Las Piñas should be immediately resolved and the perpetrator brought to justice.

Locsin said Filipinos in China will suffer the consequences of allowing Chinese nationals be hurt in the Philippines.

"One hundred percent agree with China on this one. We go down this road of letting Chinese nationals be hurt, our people in China will pay. Send carping yellows to China when the anti-Filipino riots start to take the sacrificial place of our people working at good jobs there," Locsin said in his Twitter account.

On Friday morning, Chinese national Yang Kang was found dead wearing handcuffs after falling from a building in Las Piñas City.

According to a report from the Las Piñas police, the victim was handcuffed by his employer.

Police said the victim was last found alive at about 4 p.m. Thursday, when he was confronted by his supervisor “Shiba” due to debts.

When asked on Twitter if the Chinese triad is behind the killing, Locsin said "it makes no difference."

"It makes no difference who killer(s) are, killing happened here. Our obligation to bring them to justice pronto. Unless opposition wants to thank Chinese triads. Triads as generous as drug cartels—a hint to administration critics. Deep pockets to line deep convictions," Locsin said.

Malacañang expressed alarm over the incident and ordered the police to look into the case and trackdown the victim's supervisor.

The Southern Police District admitted to have been receiving reports on Chinese nationals being victims of illegal detention and abduction.

He added: "It's all on us. Let's hope the anti-Japanese riots that killed a Filipino family by mistake do not extend directly to Filipinos who are making such a great living in China where Filipino businesses are automatically protected by the PLA at first sign of trouble. A real state."

Locsin was also asked on Twitter if the Chinese embassy should do a parallel investigation.

"It is China’s right to ask that its state security be allowed to investigate," he said.