The best time to witness Perseids meteor this August

Melissa Rosales

Posted at Aug 09 2017 04:16 PM

Photo courtesy of PAGASA

MANILA- Stargazers are in for a treat from the late hours of Aug. 12 up to the early hours of Aug. 13 as the Perseids meteor shower lights up the sky.

At least 50 or more meteors will be observed during the peak hours, state weather bureau PAGASA said.

The weather bureau added that meteors are easiest to observe without moonlight, light pollution, and during clear skies.

"The Perseids meteor shower radiates out from the constellation Perseus, which is located in the eastern horizon during August.," PAGASA said.

Rural areas will be the best place to view the spectacle while those staying in cities will have difficulty viewing the meteors due to light pollution.

The moon will also be an obstacle as the three-quarters full will rise before the shower hits its peak around midnight.

The Perseids meteor shower, so called because they seem to come from the area of the constellation Perseus, is actually the dust and debris left behind from Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Most of the debris are no bigger than a grain of sand but blasts across the sky at 59 kilometers (37 miles) per second or 132,000 mph then disappear into the atmosphere after making a flash of bright light.

Swift-Tuttle’s last visible appearance was in 1992 and will again be visible in 2126.