Duterte eyes 'ongoing purge' in government

Aaron Lozada, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 09 2016 09:35 AM

Duterte eyes 'ongoing purge' in government 1

President Rodrigo Duterte said there will be an ongoing purge in government following his revelation on Sunday that several local executives, law enforcers and members of the judiciary are involved in illegal drugs.

"There will be an ongoing purge sa gobyerno [in government]. Cleansing process, because there are so many people who are mostly policemen and government officials involved in the drug industry," Duterte said Monday evening.

However, the President clarified that he is using the terms in the generic sense.

He also clarified that it is not his duty as President to threaten government officials. According to the chief executive, he is merely sending a warning to erring government officials.

"It is not the duty of a President to threaten people. It is not my job. But I am warning you," Duterte said.

The President also took pains to explain why he is engaging in a name-and-shame campaign against government officials who are suspected to have links to the illegal drug trade.

"Kayong mga mayors, vice mayors, councilors, ganito kasi yan. (You mayors, vice mayors, councilors, it is like this.) I cannot arrest you... I am not arresting anybody because marijuana, just like a firearm, [kailangan mahuli ka talaga] (you have to be caught red-handed) ," he explained.

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He noted that drug suspects can easily flip-flop with their answers without actual evidence.

The President advised those included in the list to stop their illegal activities and to report to PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa.

"Stop it and report to Bato. Gusto n'yong mabuhay? Ako, gusto ko ring mabuhay. Kayo may pamilya, ako may pamilya. Mamili kayo."

(Do you want to live? I also want to live. You have families, I have a family. You choose.) - With a report from Ara Casas, ABS-CBN News

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