Duterte to name more politicians involved in drugs


Posted at Aug 05 2016 06:57 AM | Updated as of Aug 05 2016 03:58 PM

DAVAO CITY - President Rodrigo Duterte said Friday morning that he will name more politicians involved in illegal drugs within the day.

According to Duterte, the list of politicians involved in drugs underwent an exhaustive intelligence monitoring. The same list had also been validated before it became final.

"I will be naming the mayors and one congressman at yung mga police involved...Mauna kayo. Mas mauna kayo sa civilian. (You will be first. You will go ahead of the civilians.) You are using your position in government to enhance your pocket? At the expense of the Filipino people? Ah, kalokohan yan (That's nonsense)," he said.

The President is expected to name the politicians involved in the drug trade within the day in Davao City.

Duterte said he will also give a shoot-to-kill order against these narco-politicians.

"This campaign, shoot to kill, will remain until the last day of my term kung mabuhay pa ako (if I am still alive). Pag binasa kita at nandiyan ka, bantay ka (If I read your name and you are there, be on your guard)," he said.

"I am not a court to give you due process. Ang bunganga ko hindi ito (My mouth is not) proceedings. Ang bunganga ko (My mouth) is open with threats and intimidation because it is my duty to inform the Filipino of what is happening in this country." Hindi ko kailangan ang due process dito (I don't need due process here)," he added.

In a statement, Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella said the President's statement on narco-politicians "is congruent with government policy on maintaining and protecting peace and order in the nation."

"He has given due and ample notice that the clear and present danger of drugs engulfing the nation will be addressed and law enforcers will neutralize those who resist or endanger the lives of arresting officers."