Espinosas ask Duterte: Ama ka rin, konting awa, idaan sa due process

Edgar Escalante, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 02 2016 09:14 PM

Neighbors and relatives of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. in Hipodromo, Cebu City were shocked and hurt when they learned of his and his son Kerwin's alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.

They described the Espinosas as friendly, kind, and God-fearing.

According to Emma, Espinosa’s sister-in-law, Espinosa and his siblings grew up in Albuera, Leyte, where his parents have properties. They come to Cebu often, where they also have an ancestral home in Hipodromo. Espinosa was seen in Hipodromo by relatives and neighbors last year.

Emma said it was hard to believe that Espinosa is supposedly involved in such illegal activities, especially since Espinosa’s campaign pitch during the election was on eradicating illegal drugs. She and some other relatives went to Leyte to help his campaign.

Emma and her husband, Ramon Jr., Espinosa’s brother, stay at the family's ancestral home in Cebu.

They are praying that the father and son will be able to brave the storm.

They asked President Rodrigo Duterte to be fair and ensure due process. They believe that the accusations against the Espinosas are all politically-motivated.

“Mr. President, Bisaya man sad mi, maghinaot lang ko nga ang tanan i-due process lang… ako lang hangyo nimo Mr. President, amahan man sad ka, tingali naa pud tay kalooy nahibilin sa atong kasingkasing sa atong mga anak, (Mr. President, mga Bisaya rin kami, sana idaan nyo lahat sa due process… Hiling ko lang po sa inyo Mr. President, ama ka rin, baka may konting awa pa dyan sa puso ninyo para sa anak ninyo.),” Emma said.