Shoo fly, don’t bother me: Duterte takes insect cameo mid-speech in stride


Posted at Jul 31 2019 01:41 AM | Updated as of Jul 31 2019 06:25 AM

Shoo fly, don’t bother me: Duterte takes insect cameo mid-speech in stride 1

Last May, it was a cockroach that bugged President Rodrigo Duterte during his speech. 

This time, it was a fly that decided to make a cameo in an event held in Taguig City Tuesday.

Duterte tried to shoo the insect away as it landed on his face and as he was bringing up his beef with Catholic priests. 

“Kaya maski noon pa talagang may away na ako sa pari. Kagaya nitong langaw na ito. Utos man nila ito. Kanina pa ‘yan sunod nang sunod sa akin. Naligo naman ako, mga buang,” Duterte said.

“Maya maghintay ka. Itong speech ko ang ihampas ko sa’yo,” he added referring to the winged critter.

Later, the President asked to replace his glass of water, saying the fly had landed on it.

“Dinapuan ito ng unggoy. ’Yang bago. Sa kakapasyal pati ’yung . . . ’Yung bote na lang, be. Diretso ko na lang. With your permission.”

Duterte has a history of criticizing the Catholic church, which counts some 80 percent of the country's more than 100 million people as believers.

Last year he angered church leaders by taking aim at the biblical version of man's creation, saying: "Who is this stupid God?"

Church leaders have been critical of his policies, including an anti-narcotics crackdown that has left thousands dead.

They also oppose his calls for bringing back capital punishment.

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—With a report from Vivienne Gulla, ABS-CBN News and Agence France-Presse