'Not even a whimper': Gordon questions Duterte's silence on killing of NCMH director

Sherrie Ann Torres, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 29 2020 01:28 AM

MANILA - Senator Richard Gordon on Tuesday expressed displeasure over President Rodrigo Duterte's silence on the broad daylight killing of Dr. Roland Cortez, director of the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH).

“It’s important na the President must really go after these (killers) guys. Wala. Not even a whimper. I don’t hear the president making a statement,” he lamented.

According to Gordon, the president must speak up to show the people that there is still law and order in the country.

“Dapat, he (president) would have said, we will stop this.. the government is not going to allow people to be killed…'Yun ang gusto kong marinig sa president,” Gordon said.

Cortez and his driver were killed by still unidentified gunmen Monday, hours before the president delivered his penultimate state of the nation address in the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City.

The killing happened near the venue of the president’s SONA.

Aside from Cortez, there have been previous instances were lawyers and judges were also assassinated.

“This particular case hindi naman drug pusher itong doctor na ito. he studied medicine, he was at East Avenue. He has tried to do a good job dun sa National Mental hospital. Pinatay, so personal. That indicates to me, even more dangerously, that anybody can pay anybody now, to kill people,” Gordon said

Gordon also said the president’s frequent pronouncement that he will kill people also sends a wrong signal to the people.

“I always caution privately and publicly na that the President should not be saying words na papatayin ko 'yan. I’m not ready to submit anymore to say na ganiyan siya, sinasabi niya lang iyon dahil ako nag-mayor din,” he said.

Gordo likewise said unresolved cases of killing, “creates a wave of violence like Mexico”.


Meanwhile, Gordon said Duterte should let lawmakers perform their job in hearing franchise issues like in the case of ABS-CBN Corporation.

Gordon gave his opinion when asked for his reaction on the president’s admission that he had indeed caused the franchise cancellation of ABS-CBN.

“Well mali yung sinabi niya doon na, eh ako mismo eh hinarass niya so it became personal,” Gordon said

Gordon was referring to Duterte's personal attacks made against him months ago, in retaliation to his criticisms on the President’s policies.

Ideally, according to Gordon, Malacañang or the Office of the President, should not meddle in the affairs of the legislature.

“If I were advising the president, I will tell him, ‘don’t say that,’ as a lawyer and as a friend,” he said.

“Mr. President, 'di ba sabihin mo sa kaniya, Mr. President sabi ninyo hindi tayo nakikialam sa Malacañang, let the Congress do it. Not even smart because the Congress was the one who did it not the president,” Gordon he added.