Supreme court fines retired clerk of court for failure to liquidate P1.61 million


Posted at Jul 26 2019 05:59 PM

MANILA - The Supreme Court has fined a retired clerk of court from Nueva Ecija after the former employee failed to liquidate P1.61 million in funds. 

In an 11-page decision, promulgated on June 8 but released Friday, the high court ordered retired Clerk of Court IV Erlinda P. Patiag to pay a fine equivalent to 6 months of her salary before her retirement in 2014.

Patiag was the clerk of court for a Municipal Trial Court in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija.

The Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) found that Patiag did not deposit court collections, lost several funds and failed to file liquidation reports since 2006, the court said.

"There were questionable withdrawals amounting to P1 million which were lacking supporting documents authorizing the refund, with blank vouchers bearing only the signatures of the claimants," the court's statement read.

Patiag "showed carelessness or indifference in the performance of her duties," the high court said.

She "offered no veritable explanation nor satisfactory reason to support the shortages that she incurred," it said.

"Patiag’s willingness to pay her shortages will not absolve her from the consequences of her wrongdoing," the high court noted.