Isko orders strict enforcement of liquor ban near Manila schools


Posted at Jul 25 2019 08:06 PM

MANILA—Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on Thursday signed an executive order mandating the strict implementation of city ordinances prohibiting the selling of liquor near schools.

Executive Order No. 8 calls for the Bureau of Permits and License Office, City Treasurer’s Office and businesses to strictly observe these ordinances.

The executive order signed by Moreno noted that some malls, bars, restaurants have “flagrantly violated” Ordinance Numbers 3532 and 8520.

“Such violations of said city ordinances affect the physical and moral well-being of the Manileños in general, and the youths and students, in particular, prompting for the strict implementation of said ordinances and imposing the penalties provided therefore,” the executive order read.

Ordinance No. 3532 prohibits the sale of intoxicating liquor in establishments located within 200 meters of schools.

Ordinance No. 8520, meanwhile, prohibits the sale of liquor or any alcoholic beverage to minors in any store, mall, bar, restaurant, eatery or any commercial establishment in Manila.

“Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng cutting classes,” Moreno said in jest. (The days of cutting classes are gone).

He continued: “Walang [nagtititinda ng] alak na bibigyan namin ng permiso na mag-negosyo within the 200-meter radius [of schools]. Puwede pa rin kayong magtinda ng chicha. Puro inka (kain) na lang, wala nang yangga (ganyan).”

The order stated that violators would be subjected to administrative and criminal charges, fines, and revocation of permits and licenses issued by the local government.