Analysts: Duterte challenge is to keep high rating, strong support


Posted at Jul 25 2016 07:15 PM

Historian Manolo Quezon and political analyst Julio Teehankee on Monday noted that the support from the House of Representatives for President Rodrigo Duterte came naturally.

"Every House of Representatives is never lost by the administration in power, but it’s always won by the new administration elected. What does that mean? The same people who are singing Hosanna to the guy in Malacanang, they are singing Hosanna to the next messiah," said Quezon.

He explained this reflects Filipino culture that seeks patronize the winner.

"We’re all instant fans of whoever will win the match," he said.

Quezon described Duterte's 90 percent trust rating as "historic, incredible," and can generate "huge political capital," but he noted that the pressure is in keeping that high trust rating across the term.

"There’s nowhere to go. That means you have to sustain that," he said.

He added, the administration must also maintain the control of the House of Representatives and Senate that it received early in the game.

"The other thing, of course, it’s natural. Every government, every president controls the House of Representatives and generally will control the Senate. The challenge is to maintain it," he said.

Teehankee for his part likened the current situation to former President Joseph Estrada's.

"He was extremely popular during that time and the slam coalition almost had a 'supermajority' also in the House. But you know, in two years, in just a matter of two years, all of his political capital dissipated," he said.

Duterte addressed the bicameral congress for the first time on Monday for his State of the Nation Address.