The ANC Brief: Not funny


Posted at Jul 24 2020 04:00 AM

A former health secretary has some wise words of advice for the president. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Get serious

The Palace said President Duterte was only joking when he said we can use gasoline to disinfect face masks. Former Heath Sec. Esperanza Cabral cautioned the president saying he needs to be "more serious" with his public statements because his followers might take him seriously.

Smoke screen

As a congressional investigation into the deaths of high-profile drug convicts looms, opposition lawmakers are calling for Bureau of Corrections chief Gerald Bantag's head. Bantag has denied using the pandemic as a smoke screen to "execute" inmates.

Call for plenary vote

More lawmakers in the lower House are calling for a plenary vote on the ABS-CBN franchise. Voices in support of the network are also getting louder in the upper House. Senate President Tito Sotto said ABS-CBN is "constitutionally protected" from a government takeover. This was in reaction to lawmakers discussing a takeover of the network in an online meeting. Sen. Richard Gordon also said the lawmakers were "out of line."

Something wrong with the law

Reports have said that as of Thursday, a total of 16 petitions have been filed before the Supreme Court against the Anti-Terror Law. This would make it one of the most assailed pieces of legislation ever. 

Come and go

As we look out for the Neowise comet today, we look back at the last time it appeared in our sky. It was 2007 and it was an innocent time.