Duterte paraphrases Ecclesiastes: A time for everything


Posted at Jul 24 2017 06:15 PM | Updated as of Jul 24 2017 06:16 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday quoted from the book of Ecclesiastes during his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) to explain why he is fearless against terrorists, criminals and rebels. 

In his SONA, Duterte fired back at critics who are too lenient on criminals in the belief that they can still change. 

"In the Philippines, it is really an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You took a life, then you must pay with your life. That is the only way to even it...That is the only way to instill fear," he said. 

"That is the advantage of criminals and rebels and terrorists, that they think that you are afraid to die."

He noted that he visited government forces fighting terrorists in Marawi last week to show that he is unafraid of dying. 

"Gusto niyang mamatay, gusto ko ring mamatay. They say that they use the name of God. In the Christians, we have the same thing. I read Ecclesiastes 3. What does it say? There is a time to be great and a time for defeat...A time to have money and a time to be hard up," he said. 

"A time to walk so many kilometers in school and a time for graduation in being a lawyer. A time to be -- I don't know where I am now but there is always a time. Ganun yun," he said, drawing laughter from the gallery. 

"I will match you. Pag sinabi mong 'gusto kong mamatay', anak ka ng -- dalawa tayo." 

He also admitted that he is a "bully" to the enemies of the state. 

"P******, talagang bully ako, especially to the enemies of the state," he said. 

DZMM, July 24, 2017