Mercury-laden beauty products seized in Baguio City


Posted at Jul 23 2022 07:40 PM

Baguio PIO handout photo
Baguio PIO handout photo

BAGUIO CITY - Over P100,000 worth of mercury-laden beauty and skin care products have been confiscated by authorities in Baguio City.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regional Field Office Cordillera, the Regulatory Enforcement Unit North Luzon Cluster, and Baguio City local government officers seized the products found to contain dangerous levels of mercury. 

FDA CAR Field Office Regional Supervisor Saturnina Pandosen said the operation was in response to the report of the Eco-Waste Coalition on the “unrelenting sale of mercury-containing cosmetics” in the City of Pines. 

The group said mercury in skin lightening cosmetics can cause skin discoloration, rashes and scarring, and reduce skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections. 

Among the brands in the FDA list of confiscated cosmetics are:

  • Daiyasi UV Resistance 
  • BB Whitening Spray, Aichun Beauty Aloe Vera , Erna Black
  • Feique Cucumber Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Set and Rose Refining Nourishing Set
  • Huichundemei Extreme Whitening Deluxe Version
  • Jiaoh 7 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Cream
  • Jiao Liang Miraculous Cream
  • Jiaoli Herbs Essence Whitening All Set
  • Jiaoli Speckle Removing and Nourishing Assembly
  • Lianglibai
  • Pan Yu health Beautiful Whitening Removing Speckle Package
  • Palamna Day and Night Cream
  • Qian Mei
  • Qunbanshuang
  • Shengniya 7Day Freckle Eliminating
  • S’zitang sets
  • Women of Flower Whitening and Speckle Removing A and B Series
  • Xin Jiao Li 10-day Whitening Speckle Removing Cream
  • Zixinmei Face Beauty (pink and purple boxes)
  • Charm Charm
  • Ashley Shine New Formulized Moisture Lipstick #07
  • Monaliza Series Lipstick #05
  • Kiss Beauty Professional BB Cinema Lipstick
  • Monaliza Series Maging Pink Blush
  • A&W with UV protection whitening
  • Miss Doozy #3
  • Jiaoli
  • Corona Papaya
  • Dove Tawas with perfume powder
  • Baby Looney Tunes baby wipes
  • Goree beauty products
  • Kojic original acid soap
  • Dianne
  • Dau-Nong Trong
  • Musk hemorrhoids ointment
  • Kokando
  • Renow-D facial cream
  • Kwan Loong medicated oil
  • Savol Tianfeng Hair Color Cream Grape Red
  • AS Ashley Nude Blusher Double Profusion Blush (4)

Consumers are advised to buy cosmetic products that are approved by the FDA. - report from Mae Cornes