More families go hungry in April-June: SWS


Posted at Jul 22 2019 02:25 PM

More families go hungry in April-June: SWS 1

MANILA - More poor families experienced hunger in the April to June quarter, according to a survey released by the Social Weather Stations on Monday, hours before President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his annual report to the nation. 
The June 22-26 poll found that 10 percent or an estimated 2.5 million families experienced involuntary hunger at least once from April to June, said SWS. 

This is higher than the 9.5 percent or 2.3 million families that went hungry in March 2019, noted the pollster.

The latest figure is the sum of 8.7 percent or 2.1 million families who experienced hunger "only once" or a "few times" and 1.3 percent or 320,000 families who experienced it "often" or "always", it said.

The rise in the nationwide hunger rate comes after drop of 3.8 percentage points within the previous 2 quarters. 

From 13.3 percent or 3.1 million families in September 2018, the hunger rate subsided to 10.5 percent or 2.4 million families in December, and then to 9.5 percent or 2.3 million in March 2019. 


More families go hungry in April-June: SWS 2

"The increase, however, happened only among the self-rated poor and self-rated food poor families," said SWS. 

Self-Rated Poverty measures the proportion of respondents who said their family was poor, while Self-Rated Food Poverty refers to those who rated the food their family eats as poor. 

Among self-rated poor families, the hunger rate went up by 4.3 points to 16.2 percent or 1.8 million families in June, from March's 11.9 percent or 1.1 million families. 

In contrast, it went down by 3 points among self-rated non-poor families to 4.9 percent or 664,000 families from the previous 7.9 percent or 1.2 million families. 

More families go hungry in April-June: SWS 3

The hunger rate for food poor families, meanwhile, was at 17.2 percent or 1.5 million families, up from 14.2 percent or 959,000 million families in March, SWS said. 

It went down by 1.6 points among self-rated non-food poor families at 6.1 percent or 985,000 families from 7.7 percent or 1.3 million families. 

The survey had 1,200 respondents and a sampling error margin of ±3 percent. 

Duterte will focus on "malasakit" (concern) for the Filipinos without sacrificing his campaign against crime and illegal drugs, halfway into his term, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said Monday. 

Nograles cited the recent passage of the Magna Carta for the Poor, which requires state agencies to provide "full access" to government services to the poor.