Quezon City to lose 'quite a lot' with ABS-CBN shutdown: mayor


Posted at Jul 20 2020 09:52 AM | Updated as of Jul 20 2020 10:58 AM

Quezon City to lose 'quite a lot' with ABS-CBN shutdown: mayor 1
ABS-CBN cameramen gather in front of the network's headquarters in Quezon City on Saturday during a candle lighting event to show support and protest the House's decision to deny the network a franchise. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News/File

MANILA — Quezon City will lose "quite a lot" in revenue and advocacy support due to the broadcast shutdown of ABS-CBN Corp, which she said is part of the urban center's branding, Mayor Joy Belmonte said Monday. 

Home to ABS-CBN's broadcasting center, Quezon City is often dubbed as "the city of stars, the city of movies, the city of entertainment," said Belmonte. 

"The ABS-CBN Foundation and ABS-CBN in general have been part of this branding," she said. 

The network's charity arm "has been very helpful with many of the [advocacies] of the city, including that of children's rights in the Bantay Bata program," the mayor told ANC. 

 Asked how much the city would lose in revenue from ABS-CBN taxes, Belmonte said "quite a lot."

"A mayor's concern are the people, their employment, the taxes of course and the revenue that will be generated from businesses, which will go back to the people in terms of services," she said. 


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ABS-CBN supporters over the weekend held a metro-wide caravan and noise barrage in protest of a House committee's move to permanently shut down the network's free television and radio services, and prompted the layoff of thousands of workers. 

Some protesters converged at the ABS-CBN headquarters. 

Spontaneous noise barrages in a private property do not require a permit from the local government, Belmonte said. 

"They fall more under peaceable assembly although there's an issue of social distancing," she said. 

Planned assemblies, on the other hand, should be coordinated with the local government, she said. 

"The city government is not there to stop you. The city government is there to assist in making sure that the right for peaceful assembly, the right for freedom of expression is carried out," said the mayor. 

"We would like to do it in the safest possible way. Given a pandemic is now in existence, we have to be really involved to make sure that we are expressing our rights... without jeopardizing public health," she said. 

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