Cavite gov urges leaders to 'focus on bigger problem' over going after netizens


Posted at Jul 18 2020 01:32 PM

MANILA – Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla saw it fit to republish on Saturday his Facebook post last month about trash talking and if it’s enough reason to bring charges against netizens, as the topic, he said, is currently "very hot" on social media.

"Is trash talking enough to threaten and subject netizens to an inquest? Social media is full of this. How can one discern words with ill-intent from that of a joke?" Remulla said on his social media page.

Remulla did not refer to any particular incident.

“I am man enough not to be overly sensitive nor be easily offended. I would rather focus on bigger problems such as effectively managing the COVID crisis, supporting education, Caviteños who have lost their jobs, transportation and unite the people by working on effective solutions towards recovery,” he said. 


According to Remulla, "Dissent and varying opinions are the very fabric of our political culture."

"We are a better nation because we are able to freely express ourselves, responsibly,” he wrote.

Remulla said that in the present times, leaders should listen and understand the sentiments of their people and not use an iron fist to force power against them.