No punishment for Digong: Duterte to pardon self


Posted at Jul 18 2016 07:32 PM

Video courtesy of Radio-Television Malacañang

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte shared, in jest, how he plans to protect himself once his term ends in 2022 when he would be 77 years old.

Speaking in front of his batch mates in San Beda College of Law in a fellowship dinner in Malacañang Sunday, Duterte said he will sign an order pardoning himself once he leaves office.

"So pag-alis ko ng Malacañang, dito, magpirma ako, 'Pardon is hereby granted to Rodrigo Duterte. Signed, Rodrigo Duterte.' Eh brains lang naman 'yan," he joked.

"Ako hulihin mo? Paglabas ko sa Malacañang, if God wills it that I still live, I'm old. Paglabas ko, arestuhin niyo ako? Okay. Basahin niyo ang Revised Penal Code. Hanggang 70 lang. Ako, eh 71 na ako, paglabas ko, 70 (sic), uungag-ungag na," Duterte added.

The president also renewed his promise to help every policeman engaged in the war on drugs as long as they do not fabricate evidence.

"Sabi ko sa lahat ng pulis, do not lie to me. Babarilin ko talaga. Mag-trabaho kayo, huwag kayong mag-imbento. Do not fabricate evidence," Duterte said.

"I will hear you and if you're telling the truth, sabihin mo ako, utos ni Mayor."

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