Duterte: Urban poor group Kadamay has no manners

Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 17 2019 10:39 AM

MANILA- President Rodrigo Duterte criticized Tuesday members of urban poor group Kadamay for their alleged lack of manners.

Speaking before a crowd of former rebels in Tagum City, Duterte said he allowed members of the group to occupy housing units of soldiers and policemen in 2017 to avoid any confrontation even if they were rude.

“Ang mga Kadamay way batasan. Pero sa ilang pagka way batasan, because they are Filipinos, niatras ko. Kay og akong pugson, magpang --- may confrontation eh,” he said in a speech.

(The Kadamay members have no manners at all. But even if they are rude, because they are Filipinos I refused to fight them. Because if I do, there will be a confrontation.)

Duterte alleged that Kadamay members apparently haven’t trimmed their nails for a long time.

“Basig mapusilan pa na. Dili ko preparado ana. Mao na ang espiritu sa gobyerno. Dili ko maki-away ninyo. Ingna ng mga buang diha, gipag-dengue na lang na, ang ilang kuko wa na kita nag nail cutter,” he said.
(They might shoot at us. I’m not prepared for that. That is the spirit of the government. I will not fight with you. Tell the crazy people there, they have been stricken with dengue, their nails look like they haven’t seen a nail cutter for a long time.)
“Kanang ilang kukong baga na kaayo, ngadto pa na sa talyer didto pa na pasiritan og acetylene para maputol. Niya luspad pa kayo. Nganong ‘di mangluspad nga sige’g supsop anang alimatok, lakaw anang... Unya kadaghanang tubig --- mao puy sakit sa sundalo,” he said.
(Their nails are so thick, you need to take them to the shop and have their nails soaked in acetylene in order for them to be cut. And they look so pale. Who wouldn’t look pale when all they ever did was suck the leeches and walk in the… And the water there is --- it’s the same illnesses that soldiers get sick with.)
The President in 2017 allowed Kadamay members to keep housing units they took over in Bulacan but asserted that it should be “the first and the last” for the group.