ConCom slams charter change survey, says poll 'could be misleading'

Patrick Quintos, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jul 17 2018 07:49 PM

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte's federal constitution committee believes a recent poll claiming that majority of Filipinos are against charter change could be misleading. 

Ding Generoso, spokesman of the charter review bodysaid Tuesday people who said that they are against changing the charter "now" were not outright rejecting the amendment of the Constitution. 

"The survey results could be misleading... 'Not now' is not a rejection. It is not negative but it is in fact a qualified yes," Generoso told the Senate panel holding an inquiry on the proposed charter change. 

Asked if the Constitution should be amended "now," 67 percent of 1,800 respondents said no, 18 percent said yes, while 14 percent said they didn't know or couldn't say, Pulse Asia Inc said.

Generoso said public opinion may still change because the consultative committee has just finished the draft federal charter and deliberations on its provisions, which will educate the people, have just begun. 

"We're not amending the charter today. We're amending it when the final draft is submitted to the people in the plebiscite, maybe 1 year from today... In reality what we have is—there is 48 percent who agree to change the constitution," he added. 

Senator Francis Pangilinan, chair of the constitutional amendments panel, said Tuesday's inquiry aimed to answer 4 key issues: If charter change is truly needed, if it is really a public clamor, if federalism is the way, and what is the role of the consultative committee in the process.