Duterte to gov't employees: No more 'pasyal-pasyal'


Posted at Jul 16 2016 01:30 PM | Updated as of Jul 16 2016 04:38 PM

Duterte to gov't employees: No more 'pasyal-pasyal' 1
President Rodrigo Duterte. File Photo.

MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte vows to dismiss from service government officials and employees who go on extended lunch breaks and cut short their work hours to stroll in malls.

In a video posted by RTVM on Saturday, Duterte reminded employees both in national and local government offices that they are paid by the Filipino people to work eight hours a day.

"Bayad tayo. So pag inindian mo ang tao, wala sa opisina mo...after lunch break nasa mga mall, nagpapasyal-pasyal, pag nangyari yan uli, dismissed ka," Duterte said.

The President went on to say that employees who do this actually commit "estafa" and "swindling."

"Technically, kayong mga taga-gobyerno, when you are not there to serve the people, you're committing estafa. It's not clearly defined but the act is actually swindling. It's under Article 8 of the Revised Penal Code," he said.

"You're swindling the people. Bayad ka ng otso oras tapos andyan ka na lang dalawa, tatlong oras, pasyal-pasyal," he added. "Magtrabaho kayo."

Duterte also reiterated his marching order to government offices to cut red tape.

Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Alicia Dela Rosa Bala earlier said that she has already ordered government offices to review their Citizen's Charter and ensure that transaction times are reduced and redundant requirements removed.

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"Give him/her a shopping list, yung requirements i-produce mo, ganun, tax, medical certificate o birth certificate. Huwag pagkatapos pagbigay mo sa tao, huwag mo na dagdagan," said Duterte.

"Pabalik-balik, lalo na yung mahihirap. Ang Pilipino sige bayad sa kalokohan. Ngayon, pagka natapos niya yan, na-produce niya lahat yan, tanggapin na ninyo, ilabas na ninyo ang permit."

Duterte, meanwhile, also reminded government officials and employees to live simple lives. He said they should not avail of first-class seats on flights and should be barred from entering casinos.

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"Hanggang economy lang tayo. Sabihin niyong magdagdag kayo ng pero, ganun din, kalahati ng binayad ninyo pera ng tao," the President said.

"You do not have the right to spend people's money nang ganun."

He called on the public to report their complaints through the hotline 8888, which will be launched next month.

"I will take action immediately," vowed Duterte.