Pinoy company wants to treat Canadian waste dumped in PH


Posted at Jul 09 2016 04:26 AM

A homegrown company that pioneered a power technology that disposes infectious waste without necessarily burning the garbage is hoping to treat the waste dumped by Canada.

RAD Green Solutions developed the waste management system called Pyroclave, which uses pyrolysis to decompose and reduce the infectious, medical waste. 

CEO Ivan Lim told ANC's “Future Perfect” that they are looking into partnering with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to treat the waste from Canada.

"We’re now in talks with people in DENR. We want to. It’s really a challenge to stop na. It’s going to be a nightmare," said Lim

In June 2013, 50 containers of Canadian waste, which many fear to be toxic and hazardous, were dumped in a port in Manila. 

Despite public clamor to take the trash back to Canada, the waste has remained in the country's keeping, with some moved to a landfill in Tarlac.

Lim is doubtful it may be sent back to Canada, as "the Canadians will not be happy," so they are proposing to treat the garbage instead.

"Yes, we are in talks with the DENR. They have some requirements na mga kailangan. Kumpleto naman kami. They’re still waiting for a court order or something," said he said.

Pyroclaving is a method they call "thermal decomposition," which complies with the requirements of the Department of Health and the Clean Air Act. 

"The only requirement is the medical waste should be disinfected and reduced and exposed to a temperature around 121 degrees for 15 minutes to kill all the pathogens and bacteria," said RAD Green Solution's Vice President for Engineering Roderick Dayot.

He explained that technologies like incarceration and autoclaving which are used today are not advisable because burning them release pollutants like dioxins and furans.

Pyroclave, however, does directly burn the waste, and employs an engineering similar to how a pressure cooker works.

"When you say pressure cooker, the flame is outside and the waste is inside. There’s no contact. But the heat of the flame is transferred into the pressure cooker and then to the chamber," said Dayot.

"The chamber decomposes the waste. Heat and pressure. Heat and pressure decomposes the waste. That’s the difference."

Lim said the Pyroclave Beetle and Mantis--their prototype and newer invention--reduces the waste to up to 70% and becomes dried, which can easily be stored.

Policy dictates, said Dayot, that treated waste go to a special cell or landfill.

They currently have one facility in Davao City, servicing almost all clinics and hospitals in the area. They are also setting up in Valenzuela City and may soon reach India and Saudi Arabia.