The ANC Brief: June 28, 2018


Posted at Jun 28 2018 04:09 AM

Watch out for these stories on the newscasts of ANC today:

Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

Dialogue and distractions
ANC will watch out for any developments on the dialogue between the Duterte government and church leaders. As a reaction to the President's tirades against God and religion, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle said in a letter that Filipinos should not “be distracted from addressing other pressing concerns” like increasing prices of goods, job security, etc. Interesting statement. The President will be in Bohol for a 3 p.m. event with the Vice Mayors’ League. ANC will be sure to air his speech live. Meanwhile, Tagle will hold a mass at 6 p.m. at the Manila Cathedral. 

Strategic dialogue
U.S. Defense Sec. Jim Mattis has arrived in China for his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. A theme of their meeting is “strategic dialogue.” Let’s remember Mattis criticized China recently for its actions in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, China Vice Minister Chen Zhigang will make a visit to Pandi, Bulacan at 2 p.m. 

Fernando G. Sepe Jr. ABS-CBN News

Anatomy of a war
The Ateneo academic study of the war on drugs has many revelations that are still worthy to be discussed and dissected. Atty. Michael Yusingco from the Ateneo Policy Center will be guest on ANC’s Early Edition to talk about the study some more. 

Risks and challenges
The Moody’s media roundtable at 12 noon should provide some key inputs into credit risks and challenges for the country’s ratings and banking system. Topics like the global and regional outlook are also sure to be discussed. ANC will go live from the event. Meanwhile, the PSE rose above the psychological 7000 level to close at 7176. Can it stay above 7000?