Duterte's remarks inviting God's wrath to PH, says church leader


Posted at Jun 27 2018 10:42 AM | Updated as of Jun 27 2018 11:53 AM


MANILA - President Rodrigo's expletives against God only invite curses, like calamities, not only to himself but also the country, the founder of the Jesus is Lord church warned on Wednesday.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva said insulting God is the "highest order" of blasphemy as stated in the Bible, saying Duterte should recant his statement and apologize or risk punishment by the Creator.

"To insult God, to us is a kind of blaspheme in the highest order. The Bible is clear, when you slander God, you are inviting curses not only to yourself but to the entire nation, like calamities," he told ANC.

"No one can mock God. In Psalm Chapter 2, those who are mocking, persecuting God's people, the faith of God's people...God is just laughing at them. They are inviting the wrath of God," he added.

Villanueva is a member of the Philippines for Jesus Movement which describes itself as a "broad coalition of Bible-believing, nation-loving church groups in the country."

The group, which he claims has more or less 10 million members, has sent a letter to Duterte dated June 25, asking the President to issue a public apology to God.

Villanueva said that if President Duterte ignores this call, a huge prayer rally will happen.

"We are representing 10 million people. I don't believe the President will ignore this. Because once he ignores the collective wisdom of the body of Christ, this may lead to a kind of huge prayer rally that will design first to intercede and to...so-called spiritual warfare. And worst I hope it will not lead to the imprecatory prayers," he said.