8 inmates in Rizal jail diagnosed with tuberculosis


Posted at Jun 26 2018 12:34 PM

MANILA - Jail officials confirmed Tuesday that 8 inmates at Teresa District Jail in Rizal have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology said the facility can only carry 80 inmates but the number of prisoners there already reached 615, bringing the congestion rate to 1,094%.

"Nagsasagawa po tayo ng screening sa patient po ng TB. Pag ang isa ay apektado ina-isolate po natin sila," said Assistant Jail Warden Sr. Inspector Jose Duarte Radam Jr.

Only a thin wall stands between the inmates with TB and the others. Hygiene, health and ventilation have been a cause for concern inside the district jail, Radam said.

He added that even BJMP personnel are at risk of catching tuberculosis.

A new custodial facility is expected to be built and finished in Teresa, Rizal early next year to decongest the jail.

Meanwhile, a raid conducted by the BJMP, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Philippine National Police yielded no contraband.