Couple who cut open pregnant dog charged with animal cruelty


Posted at Jun 25 2019 05:05 PM


MANILA - A couple who performed what they said was a caesarian operation on a pregnant dog has been charged with animal cruelty, an animal welfare group said Tuesday.

The spouses were identified as Jonathan and Evangeline Galguerra, according to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

"Jonathan cut open a pregnant poodle with a regular kitchen knife and a pair of scissors while his wife, Evangeline, filmed the procedure inside their home in Novaliches, QC," the group said.

The video was shared as a Facebook live post, which has since been taken down. Netizens claimed the dog was still alive when she was cut open, PAWS said.

The couple had claimed they operated on the dog to save the puppies, but netizens said they should have rushed the pet to an animal clinic.

"This elicited outraged posts and spurred an online petition calling for 'Justice for Mama Dog,'" the group said.

In its complaint filed before the Quezon City's Prosecutor's Office, PAWS said the respondents "maltreated and abused the animal by inflicting needless pain" and "neglected to provide the animal shelter and the puppies with veterinary care demanded by the situation."