Resorts World security agency ordered to attend PNP probe

Maan Macapagal, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 15 2017 09:28 PM

MANILA - The Philippine National Police Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (PNP-SOSIA) has ordered the security provider of Resorts World Manila (RWM) to undergo a summary hearing as the police unit wrapped up its investigation of the Resorts World attack, which left 38 people dead, including lone gunman Jessie Carlos. 

The PNP-SOSIA has recommended the filing of an administrative case against NC Lanting Security, RWM's security provider. 

It will also investigate in-house security at the entertainment and gaming complex to find out why one internal security officer had a gun, when Resorts World management earlier said in-house security personnel were not issued firearms.

Security footage provided by Resorts World Manila showed that around 1:10am on June 2, gunman Carlos headed towards the basement, where he was engaged in a gunfight with two men.

Resorts World management later identified them as Petronilo Kinol Jr., RWM assistant director for security of RWM, and Bernard Cajigas, internal security personnel.

The PNP-SOSIA's investigation also found that guns used by in-house security were borrowed from NC Lanting guards. 

Based on verification made with the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office, RWM, as well as the Travelers International HotelGroup, Inc., have no registered firearms, PNP-SOSIA said.

In the report, the PNP-SOSIA questioned why another in-house security, Ian Bañas, possessed a gun when RWM had already declared that it did not issue firearms to its security personnel.

The PNP-SOSIA recommended that he "be further investigated by Pasay City Police for the possession of a rifle described as AK 1000 cal 5.56, which he used during the incident and as admitted in his given sworn statement."

The PNP-SOSIA also saw probable cause for NC Lanting to undergo summary hearing proceedings primarily because lady guard Mary Grace Rayala, the first personnel to encounter the gunman, was unarmed and wore a uniform not authorized by the PNP-SOSIA. 

"LG Mary Grace Rayala was wearing a special set of uniform and is unarmed during the time Jessie Carlos entered the said premises. The wearing of said special uniform was a dictated policy of RWM management for the SGs (security guards) inside the mall to wear barong and not to carry firearms inside the establishment," the report said.

"This Office has not issued authority for the guards of Lanting to wear special set of uniform (barong type) during their duty inside the RWM which is in violation of Section 5 Rule VIII of RA No. 5487," it read.

The PNP-SOSIA report also showed that four other NC Lanting guards have no valid license as security guards. 

"Records disclosed that some of the security guards identified as Reinnalyn Alcantara, Federic Babon, Catherine Belen, Analyn Buendia of LANTING posted at Newport Blvd. Pasay City have no valid License to Exercise Security Profession (LESP)," the report said.

Investigation revealed that the guards assigned in Resorts World Manila lacked formal training in terms of mall security.

"Based on records, LG Mary Grace Rayala and SG Edwin Ciriaco are not trained in mall security and further verifications of other security guards deployed inside the mall show that they have no records of training in mall security," the report read.

Meanwhile, the PNP-SOSIA lauded Rayala and Ciriaco for following standard emergency response procedure when they informed their superior of the security breach.

"In spite of the lack of formal training in Mall Security course, they followed the general standard response procedures in a similar incident of necessarily informing immediately their superiors of anything that is of security concern and not to take action that would put in danger other person in the area," it said.

The PNP-SOSIA said NC Lanting guards committed a grave offense when they lent their issued firearms to the two RWM in-house security.

"Allowing the use/lending issued firearms to unauthorized person, a grave offense," it said.

According to PNP-SOSIA, the internal security personnel of Resorts World Manila were not registered as members of a company guard unit under SOSIA. 

"As can be deduced, the internal security unit of RWM is not licensed or registered as [a] company guard force or unit, thereby its security personnel, evidenced by the CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage and interviews with witnesses, were not trained, to say the least, security protocol or plan is not in place, and the over-all security execution was in disarray," the report said.

The PNP-SOSIA further noted that RWM mandated the security deployment, wearing of a special set of uniform and disallowing guards from carrying firearms.
The unit recommended that internal security in all casino operators licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation be registered with the PNP.

"…All PAGCOR licensed casino operators shall be required to register their internal/in house security unit or department with the PNP, through SOSIA, as a company guard unit, and all security personnel employed in the internal security unit shall also secure the necessary license to exercise security profession (LESP)," the report read.

The PNP-SOSIA said its report would be used by the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) Resorts World Manila to solidify its probe.