The ANC Brief: China’s warning


Posted at Jun 14 2019 04:02 AM

The Chinese government responds to the incident near Reed Bank. A confirmation it was a Chinese boat that rammed a Filipino boat. Here are the stories making headlines on ANC today:

Ordinary accident
The Palace has deplored the ramming of the Filipino ship by a Chinese vessel near the Reed Bank and asked for sanctions against the Chinese crew. China downplayed the incident, calling it an “ordinary maritime accident” and warned against “irresponsibly politicizing” the incident. Foreign Affairs Sec. Teddy Locsin Jr. said he already “fired off” a diplomatic protest. In his usual colorful language, Locsin also said to screw the involvement of the international community in this incident. The Filipino fishermen who were abandoned after the collision are set to arrive back in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro today.

Duque ducking?
The heat is on Health Sec. Francisco Duque on the PhilHealth “ghost” treatment scandal. Duque admitted he served as godfather to the wedding of the owner of Wellmed. But he said he advised Wellmed to face the investigation into the scam. Sen. Ping Lacson said the same standards used to investigate other PhilHealth officials should also apply to Duque. Lacson also hinted Duque was involved in another earlier PhilHealth scam.

Questioning an agreement
In the wake of the kidnapping and rape of a Filipino worker in Kuwait by a Kuwaiti police officer, Sen. Joel Villanueva questioned the agreement drawn last year between Kuwait and the Philippines to protect Filipino workers in the Middle Eastern country. Was Kuwait serious in implementing that agreement? The DFA said an arrest warrant was already issued against Kuwaiti police officer.

Buyer’s remorse
In his last speech, President Duterte said he regrets running for president. So why doesn't he step down? He also repeated his order to stop the operations of Kapa, a religious group which has been criticized by Duterte’s close friend, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Photograph by Jhonis Martins on Pexels

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