The ANC Brief: New strategies


Posted at Jun 12 2019 04:01 AM

American Coast Guard ships are back patrolling waters against Chinese Coast Guard vessels. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

New chess pieces
The US Coast Guard is ramping up its presence in the South China Sea in response to increased Chinese presence mainly in the form of Chinese Coast Guard and marine militia boats. US presence in the area usually consists of Navy ships. But it seems the US is changing its tack and putting civilian ships to face down Chinese civilian ships. Last month, a US Coast Guard cutter paid a port call in Manila, the first in 7 years. Will this calibrated response work? Meanwhile, Philippine authorities expressed alarm over the presence of Chinese ships near Scarborough Shoal. Maritime expert Jay Batongbacal will be guest on ANC’s Early Edition to talk about these interesting developments. 

Courtesy resignations
Board members of the beleaguered government health insurance agency PhilHealth have submitted their courtesy resignations to the Palace. Health Sec. Francisco Duque said President Duterte, who asked for the resignations of PhilHealth officials in the wake of revelations of a “ghost” dialysis treatment scam, wanted to “start with a clean slate” in rehabilitating the agency.

Need to fly
President Duterte said he wants to move domestic flights to the airport in Sangley Point in Cavite by November. If this is achieved by transport officials, it could change the way we travel. Can these officials meet the president’s deadline? Or will this just be another unfulfilled promise?

Born free
Today is Philippine Independence Day and the government has the usual celebratory events lined up. With the creeping presence of China in the country, both on land and sea, are we truly free?

Accidental artist 
Brian Donnelly—more popularly known as KAWS—became an auction superstar this year when his work hammered for almost $15 M at Sotheby’s. ANCX talks to some of his local fans to find out what makes the street artist such a hit.