Electronic skimming device found in ATM booth in Iloilo City

Zeny Quilantang, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 07 2017 06:11 PM

Several parts of an electronic skimming device were discovered Tuesday night inside an ATM booth in General Luna Street, Iloilo City.

Raul Samillano, the bank's assistant operations and administrative officer, said the skimming device was found at the keypad cover of the ATM.

The device has a battery and a card and is believed to have the technology to copy the card number and pin code of an ATM card.

“When he checked the ATM he saw something. In Boracay, last time we have recovered the same thing. So we are already aware that it could also happen here. And it happened,” Samillano said.

Authorities alleged a syndicated group is responsible of placing the skimming device at the ATM both. 

“The suspects are possibly foreign nationals based on the persons they have arrested in Boracay,” Police Insp. Jose Barcy said.

The recovered skimming device had been turned over to the bank's central office to check if there were cardholders victimized by the modus.

The Philippine National Police has alerted all banks in Iloilo City to watch out for the same modus operandi.