The ANC Brief: Headaches in the Senate


Posted at May 30 2019 04:02 AM

Things are coming to a head in the Senate and the position of Senate President Tito Sotto looks shaky. Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

Corralling committees
Are the new senators, who won on the support of President Duterte, throwing their weight around in the Upper House? The newcomers are going after committees already held by incumbents, despite the rule of “equity of the incumbent.” Senate President Tito Sotto said four chairmanships are “giving us a headache.” Will the wrangling result in a coup? Sen. Grace Poe said she could join the minority if Sotto jumps the fence.

Big in Japan
President Duterte and his party managed to snag projects worth a total of P288 billion. It's a staggering amount that could be a gauge of how successful the trip has been for the government. Except for the fact that the large Philippine contingent is dominating the news cycle. Expect the Palace to go on spin mode on this.

Corruption in the bureau
According to Sen. Ping Lacson, corruption in the Bureau of Customs is alive and well, with the continuation of the “tara” system. Corruption in the bureau has resulted in the illegal entry of drugs and trash. Lacson also blasted the appointment of an official who was sacked for the entry of illegal drugs to a higher post. What will the leadership of the bureau do about these revelations?

Smelly shipment
Finally, after six years, the trash from Canada that was shipped to the country will be sent back today. According to Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra, Canada will foot the bill for the smelly shipment to the tune of around P10 million.

Solid foundation
Named after the tragic fire that razed Intramuros in the 1930s, MiraNila looks young despite being almost a century old. The mansion in Cubao proves a family’s love can keep a home intact despite war and the ravages of time.