The ANC Brief: Reward for elections?


Posted at May 29 2019 04:01 AM

Why is the President traveling to Japan with, according to reports, some 200 delegates? Here are the stories making the headlines on ANC today:

The ANC Brief: Reward for elections? 1

Large delegation
President Rodrigo Duterte is in Tokyo and traveling with, by some accounts, 200 delegates. Philippine Ambassador to Japan Jose Laurel V said it was a treat to Palace officials for the last elections, where the opposition was shut out of the Senate. The Palace denied this and said the officials are not mere decorations. Aside from a leadership forum, the President will hold bilateral talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the South China Sea, trade, and economic issues. He will also meet with businessmen and the Filipino community.

Certified urgent
The Palace has confirmed President Rodrigo Duterte has certified as urgent the bill seeking higher tobacco excise taxes. This means there is no more need to wait for the 3 day period between the second and third readings before the bill is passed. Plenary debates on the bill will continue today.

The ANC Brief: Reward for elections? 2

Strife in the Senate
Some senators are said to be grumbling over committee chairmanships. Will this lead to a coup in the upper house? While it looks like Senate President Tito Sotto has a lock on his post, anything is possible.

Watching the money flow
The central bank said it is reviewing frameworks on reserve requirements in what can been seen as an intensified effort at credit and liquidity monitoring. What are their initial findings and how these moves affect the banking sector?

The ANC Brief: Reward for elections? 3

Turning Japanese
From their version of Las Casas to the restaurant Kill Bill was shot -- design geek Enrico Suarez, a Tokyoite for the past 3 years, sketches an itinerary that will allow us to see this metropolis like it’s the first time.