'Matigas kasi ulo ng tao': Cavite to formulate liquor policy before lifting prohibition - Remulla


Posted at May 26 2020 10:33 AM

MANILA - The province of Cavite is set to come up with a new policy on the sale of alcoholic drinks this week before lifting the liquor ban, Gov. Jonvic Remulla said on Tuesday.

“What we're doing is formulating a liquor policy for the province that is sensible for everyone,” Remulla said on ANC’s Headstart.

Cavite is among the areas placed under a general community quarantine on May 16. However, the city has decided to let the ban stay.

“Matigas kasi ulo ng tao dito,” he said.

The ban on liquor, he said, has resulted in less public disturbance. But an underground economy has also developed because of the ban, with people paying double or triple the price of alcohol drinks.

“It is akin to the prohibition in the US in the 1920s when the underground economy became larger than the above ground economy. We will try to taper it off and allow liquor to be sold legally, but in a rational way,” he said.

He added that four people in his province died consuming fake lambanog from Quezon province.

“They were drinking together. They drank fake lambanog sold to them by unscrupulous sellers and 4 of them died."

“They thought it was safe. They brought it with them when they traveled and it turned out very toxic,” he said.

Remulla said they have to rationalize the policy to let the people know that they are serious.

“We have agreed on certain terms like a maximum of 1 liter of hard drinks can be bought and 6 cans of beers can be bought in one day. It can only be bought at a certain time and it can only be bought by Q-pass holders,” he said.

Likewise, drinking will not be allowed in public, as well as parties, or gatherings of more than 5.
“These are things that were going to enforce but it has to be done very rationally. It has to be explained to the people,” he said.