Guam 'all clear' after onslaught of super typhoon Mawar

Louella Losinio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 25 2023 08:39 PM

Super typhoon Mawar has exited Guam, and it left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Mawar on Wednesday night brought torrential rains and damaging winds of up to 140 miles per hour, which lasted until the early hours of Thursday.

Although the whole island was affected by Mawar, the northernmost villages were impacted the most.

The northern part of Guam is the most densely populated. It also has the largest percentage of Filipino residents. Some of those residents were among those affected by the typhoon.

Erwin Villa, a resident of Yigo, Guam was old enough to remember Pongsona, the last typhoon that had a similar effect on the island.

“I remember Pongsona in 2002. It had damaging winds but it was not that strong. The only difference is ….it pulled out the roots of the trees and the trees still live. We had damage in certain areas but it was not this bad. The wind really lasted hours and hours and we did not know when it would stop and slow down," Villa said.

Melissa Savares, the mayor of Dededo, one of the northern villages, said local officials have started evaluating the damage brought on by Mawar.

"A lot of downed power lines, street lines…infrastructure that came down as well. The thing that we are concerned about is the accessibility, the movement of vehicles. So, there’s a lot of vegetation and also debris --- roof, tin, wood covering the roadways. So our crew has been out there with other people. There are other neighborhoods where we actually saw families come together and they are actually clearing," Savares said.

Despite the damage, no major injuries or casualties were reported, according to the government’s Joint Information Center.


Early Thursday evening, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero gave the "all clear" and declared Condition of Readiness (COR) 4 all over Guam.

"We now continue to focus our efforts on repairing infrastructure and restoring services to residents. After speaking with department leaders and seeing the incredible rapid response to the storm I am confident we will make significant progresses towards restoration of services," Guerrero said.

As of Thursday, power has been restored in Tumon, the tourist district of Guam. But the other villages in the island are still waiting for power and water services.

Meanwhile, Joint Region Marianas (JRM) and military bases in Guam are in Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness (TCCOR) 1R as of 5 p.m. Thursday, according to the latest report from the government. TCCOR 1R is set after the destructive winds have subsided to allow for survey and work crews to determine the extent of the damage.