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Manifesto rejecting Marcos win gains support in US, Canada

Rowena Papasin | TFC News Vancouver

Posted at May 23 2022 09:04 AM

Filipino groups in North America decry looming electoral victory of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte.
Filipino groups in North America decry looming Philippine electoral victory of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte.

A growing coalition of Filipino organizations in North America has signed a manifesto that rejects the presumptive electoral victory of the tandem of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte.

The manifesto notes that the May 9 Philippine presidential election was marred by alleged incidents of vote-buying, disenfranchisement of thousands of overseas voters, defective counting machines, and other irregularities, for which they are holding the Commission on Elections (Comelec) accountable.

"We call into question the unbelievably rapid publicizing of election results from the Comelec transparency servers. This makes us believe that the machines were pre-programmed to manufacture results favorable to Marcos Jr. and Duterte," Ago Pedalizo of the Filipino American Human Rights Alliance said.

For Marissa Corpus of Koalisyon Kontra Daya Canada, "with all Comelec Commissioners appointed by Duterte and the Chairman himself a Marcos Jr, lawyer, election logistics contracts being given to top Duterte crony Dennis Uy and Sen. Imee Marcos chairing the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation, the impartiality of the recent elections is questionable to begin with."

The coalition also decried what they describe as massive disinformation and weaponization of social media by the Marcos machinery during the campaign. Building on the initiative of volunteers for Vice President Leni Robredo and her runningmate Kiko Pangilinan, the coalition urged concerned Filipinos all over the world to join the movement against the return of the Marcoses to power.

"We are building a movement here," Nerissa Allegretti of 1Sambayan US asserted. "This is a fighting back and resistance to the comeback of these two big dynasties especially the Marcos family."

The manifesto was drafted just as senator-elect Alan Cayetano led calls to give Marcos a chance. Filipino Canadian Sham Pelasol agrees.

"I think people should give him a chance... Maybe he can correct his father’s mistake and maybe he’ll break the lineage," the Vancouver resident said.

But Malaya Movement US pointed out that the late dictator's son and namesake was already given several chances to explain himself during the campaign. It asked why Marcos should be given a chance when he rejected pleas from Martial Law survivors to apologize.

"He was given the chance and he did not take it, and our motherland no longer has any chance kaya kailangan nating tumindig, tumayo at lumaban," Yves Nibungco of Malaya Movement US argued.

(That's why we need to stand up and fight.)

Pedalizo also insisted that the Marcos family never apologized. "There was no apology for all the crimes and plundering and every evil that they've done to the community and the FIlipino people."

For her part, Atty. Loida Lewis of the US Filipinos For Good Governance vowed not to stand quiet 'on the fraud and distorted history and the continuation of wasting our people’s wealth.'

"Sasabihin mong give him a chance, eto nga hindi pa siya nade-declare nakikita na natin ang unti-unting paglilinlang, ang kasinungalingan na ginawa nila, continue pa rin ngayon," Lewis said.

(You’re saying give him a chance but as you can see, he has yet to be declared, but we can already see their deception. Their lies are still continuing.)

The manifesto is also asking the US and Canadian governments to suspend security assistance to the Philippines. It is likewise urging the US to enforce a $353 million contempt order against Marcos Jr.