No more 'fancy' traffic schemes, says new MMDA chief

Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 23 2017 06:24 PM

MANILA - Newly installed Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Danny Lim on Tuesday vowed to ease traffic in the capital by going “back to basics.”

The MMDA for years have been introducing various traffic schemes that aim to ease road congestion, such as the zipper lane and odd-even scheme. The agency has also attempted to reconfigure vehicle flow in major thoroughfares to solve the traffic problem.

Lim, however, said he will shun “fancy” traffic schemes and be straightforward in implementing road rules.

"At this time, I will not be introducing any fancy traffic scheme. By going back to basics, I meant strict adherence to our existing laws, practicing a culture of discipline, road courtesy, and changing the habits of the people," Lim said.

"[It’s all about the] basic implementation of the rules, enforcement. Kung yung sasakyan hindi dapat nandyan eh di dapat wala iyan dyan. Kung yung sasakyan ay hindi dapat naka-park sa lugar na iyan ay dapat wala iyan dyan, iyung mga vendors na iyan dapat wala dyan then they should not," he said.

He reminded MMDA enforcers to start being strict in enforcing traffic rules or they may face sanctions or be terminated from work.

"Kapag enforcement dapat mahigpit ka, hindi iyan susunod sayo kung hindi pasusundin. Dapat tama ang motivation ng mga tao natin dyan.”

The new MMDA chairman, a retired general, said internal cleansing will also be among his top priorities.

Lim argued, traffic violators continue to ignore the law because of the presence of corrupt MMDA enforcers.

"Ano ba ugat ng problema? May gumagawa ng pera, hindi naman maglalakas mag-drive ng colorum vehicle iyan kung walang kausap yan, Mag-papark dyan o mag-pwesto sa sidewalk na hindi dapat. May mga nakikinabang dyan," he said.

"Let’s be honest to ourselves. Aminin natin na may problema din tayo. Naririnig natin ang mga kawani ng MMDA, may ginagawang hindi tama, we will have to address that,” Lim said.

Lim said his first move is to conduct an audit of the entire agency.

Lim said the audit may result in the reshuffle or termination of MMDA employees.