Senate gets highest satisfaction score in latest SWS survey


Posted at May 15 2017 03:50 PM

MANILA – The Senate got the highest net satisfaction score among key government institutions, according to the latest survey of Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The survey, conducted on March 25 to 28, showed 65% of the respondents were satisfied with the performance of the Senate and 13% dissatisfied, resulting in a net satisfaction score of a “very good” +52.

The Senate’s March net satisfaction score is 4 points higher than the “good” +48 it got in the December 2016 survey.

SWS classifies net satisfaction ratings of at least +70 as “excellent”; +50 to +69 as “very good”; +30 to +49, “good”; +10 to +29, “moderate”; +9 to -9, “neutral”; -10 to -29, “poor”; -30 to -49, “bad”; -50 to -69, “very bad”; as well as -70 and below as “execrable.”

Following the Senate is the Supreme Court, which got a “good” net satisfaction score of +40 (56% satisfied, 16% dissatisfied), two points higher than what it got in the previous quarter.

The House of Representatives’ net satisfaction also remained in the “good” territory, inching up three points to +39 (53% satisfied, 14% dissatisfied) from the previous survey.

The Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte, meanwhile, got the same net satisfaction score of a “good” +32 (50% satisfied, 17% dissatisfied).