Trillanes says Isko Moreno eyeing presidency, calls him ’Johnny-come-lately’


Posted at May 13 2021 09:26 AM | Updated as of May 13 2021 09:47 AM

"A confluence of events." 

This is the reason why former senator Antonio Trillanes declared his intention to run for president amid reports that Vice-President Leni Robredo will seek a lower post while Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is also considering a presidential run in the 2022 elections. 

Speaking to ANC's "Matters of Fact", Trillanes said Robredo's decision to transfer her place of residence outside Naga City was the first step toward a possible gubernatorial run in Camarines Sur, her home province. 

"The act of transferring your place of residence is the first step in that eventual run or probable run for governorship and that is part of the preparation process," Trillanes said. 

He added: "We cannot lose by default. If Vice-President Leni Robredo decides to run for a local post, then there will be no one else from the opposition to take her place." 

Robredo's spokesman has denied such reports, saying the Vice-President has not made a decision regarding the 2022 elections 

Meanwhile, Trillanes said Moreno has signified his intention to run for president during the prequalification process of opposition coalition 1SAMBAYAN. 

He described Moreno as a "Johnny-come-lately" or new arrival who is still openly courting the endorsement of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

"These Johnnies-come-lately are just being opportunistic because of the changing political tides, switching and shifting alliances. It is duplicitous in nature and we don't want that. [President Duterte] has been duplicitous from the very start," Trillanes said.

"Until such a time that (Moreno) genuinely breaks away from Mr. Duterte, it should only be the time that he should be considered by a coalition of 1Sambayan."

1SAMBAYAN earlier said the coalition intends to endorse a single slate of presidential, vice presidential and senatorial candidates in the 2022 polls. 

The coalition said it met with Robredo, Moreno, Trillanes and Senators Grace Poe and Nancy Binay earlier. 

"They interviewed the five of us and only 2 were open to run for president . . . When I was interviewed I manifested that position that I would only be an alternate of Vice-President Leni Robredo because we need to unify the opposition," Trillanes said. 

"Senators Grace Poe and Nancy Binay declined when they were asked if they intend to run for president. So that left only two of them . . . In the event that Vice-President Leni would decline the nomination then therefore by default, that position would go to Mayor Isko Moreno."

In the interview, Trillanes denied that he is trying to divide the opposition or is pressuring Robredo to make a decision to run. He added that he will step aside if the Vice-President decides to seek the presidency. 

The former senator said Robredo's seeming indecisiveness can be seen as a negative. 

"If you are wishy-washy, we can only imagine what kind of governance would happen after. I am not concluding that yet with the vice president. Once she decides, it has to be a constant stream of decisiveness from then on," Trillanes said.

"It cannot be a difficult decision process . . . And after that, it would go through that same deliberate decision-making process."

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