‘No irregularities’: PPCRV debunks ‘68:32 magic’ claim in presidential race


Posted at May 12 2022 06:39 AM


MANILA — A study by experts did not find any irregularities with the transmitted partial, unofficial results of the May 9 elections, according to a poll watchdog.

The study was conducted by mathematicians from Ateneo de Manila University following claims circulating on social media that a 68:32 vote ratio between presumptive President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo was constant as election returns were tallied.

"We agree with their conclusion," the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting said in statement released Wednesday night.

"Our take is that the statistical analysis of the data does not indicate any irregularities.

"The relatively consistent distribution of votes may be expected to closely mirror the national vote given the random pattern of receipt of the transmitted results."

Dr. William Yu, IT lead of PPCRV, said the experts used the general principle called law of the large numbers.

"The closer you are to the final answer in terms of population, the more it reflects the final number," he said.

He added the experts also looked at the regional distribution for reach transmitted results.

"In summary, the computed ratio being similar to each other across different transmission arrivals is not unexpected," the report read.

"In fact, given that the transmission arrivals can be considered as random samples of the total vote, the computed ratios for each transmission arrival being similar is quite expected."


PPCRV national chairperson Myla Villanueva cautioned the public from sharing unverified information.

"Sa madaling salita, pagkatapos nilang sinuri, wala naman silang nakitang irregularity sa mga pattern na ating nakikita na 68:32," she told reporters.

"Hinay-hinay lang. Kasi importante din na walang magduda sa ating demokrasya. So please be careful. There's so much fake news going around."

The son and namesake of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos takes a commanding lead in the presidential election vote count, according to the poll monitor.

Based on 98.32 percent of voting precincts' numbers transmitted, Marcos had over 31 million votes, data from the PPCRV's tally showed as of 7:17 p.m. Wednesday.

He is followed by Vice President Leni Robredo who got more than 14.8 million votes.

Bookmark the ABS-CBN News Halalan results page to see the partial, unofficial tally of election returns. 


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