Robredo hits online abuse in women's summit speech in Japan


Posted at May 12 2017 06:10 PM

Vice President Leni Robredo on Friday took a swipe at online trolls and bashers who harass women on social media and other virtual platforms. 

Speaking at the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Robredo cited how the times have become more difficult for women because of the anonymity that cyberspace affords abusers. 

"In some respects, protecting a woman's dignity and character is more difficult in the virtual sphere, where just about anyone can make irresponsible comments, often anonymously," Robredo said.

Robredo labelled online harassment as an "emerging threat" in the Philippines, as Filipino lawmakers have yet to pass measures that would protect online users from abuse.

"Our laws have not yet caught up with the virtual world, because proving cyber harassment is still a trenchant challenge," said Robredo, herself a recipient of rabid online bashing. 

The Vice President has been drawing online flak for having a critical stance against the government's intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

Aside from protecting women from both physical and online abuse, Robredo said women also needed more empowerment when it comes to being fairly treated in the workplace.

"As women get a tighter foothold in the world of business, we hope that this advancement in their empowerment will be mirrored down on the ground, where poor women have much harder time breaking the glass ceiling," she said.