Pinoy scientists to study ocean currents in Benham Rise


Posted at May 10 2018 01:59 AM

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A team of Filipino scientists is set to sail to the Philippine Rise, also known as Benham Rise, to study ocean currents in the area. 

Scientists from the University of the Philippines' Marine Science Institute will study the interactions between the ocean currents and the atmosphere, according to UP Prof. Mario Aurelio of the National Institute of Geological Sciences. 

He said that the findings of the oceanographic expedition may help weather forecasters improve their forecasting models. 

"Weather conditions like storms coming in or even simply rainfall developing, primarily are functions of the temperature of the surface of the ocean and the interacting temperature in the atmosphere," Aurelio told ANC's Future Perfect Tech Shorts. 

Aurelio reiterated that Filipino scientists are capable of studying the Philippine Rise.

"We have the technical capability, the expertise is with us."