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PH consulate in LA to count votes daily, allow onsite voting

Steve Angeles | TFC News Los Angeles

Posted at May 04 2022 06:01 PM

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Of the 35,000 ballots sent to overseas voters in the Los Angeles consular district, thousands have been completed and counted.
The Philippine Consulate General has continued ballot feeding with minimal issues, under a group of poll watchers. And as returns exceed expectations, the consulate is adding more vote counting days this week.
"We're very happy with the voter turnout. It’s more than we expected and for that reason, we are increasing the feedings. Usually it's supposed to be Mondays and Thursdays only but because of the volume of votes that have arrived, we have asked Comelec to add more days for feeding and today, we received communication that we will be allowed the feeding in the vote counting machines from Mondays to Fridays," Francis Maynard Maleon, the overall head of the overseas voting in LA, said.

The consulate is also opening up a voting area for in person voting for voters who have not received their ballots. They don't need to be on the return-to-sender list which has grown by over a thousand in recent days, but these voters will need to bring a few forms of verification.
"For registered overseas voters who have not received your ballots in the mail which we sent more than a week ago, you can come to the consulate and you will be given a ballot. You can vote onsite at the Philippine Consulate General from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and on Saturday, It will be from 10am to 4pm. On Sunday, we will be open from 1pm until the next day, May 9."

Maleon added, "you need to bring a valid ID like a Philippine passport or even a driver's license. If you changed your address and that was one of the reasons you did not receive your ballot, just bring us a proof of billing like a utility bill or California ID that has your current address."
Officials said there will be safeguards against people who may attempt to vote more than once.
"There will be some affidavits that you will need to sign that say you won't be voting twice, that you’ll return to us the ballot you might receive afterwards. Some who voted here, went home, and received your ballot in the mail, you have to return it to us. It's already pre stamped so you just have to send it to us so you don’t vote twice."
The extra ballots will come from the ballots alloted to seafarers.