The ANC Brief: May 1, 2018


Posted at May 01 2018 05:55 AM

Happy Labor Day! These are the stories ANC will cover today:

Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

Belaboring their point

Militant groups could make good their promise to hold one of the biggest labor rallies in a long time. Two big rival labor groups are set to join forces for protest actions in Metro Manila. Other protest actions are due to be staged in different locations around the country. ANC will bring you the very latest on the protests throughout the day. Meanwhile, President Duterte is set to appear at an event in Cebu. The Palace said he will make an important announcement. Could this be related to the “endo” executive order? Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the President could still sign the executive order. Earlier, the Palace said the President would no longer sign the executive order eliminating “endo”, contrary to what he promised during the campaign.

Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

No fair share

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said President Duterte’s offer of a 60-40 sharing with China on the proposed exploration of the South China Sea is not unconstitutional. ANC will get the reaction of experts, including former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, on the matter. Hilbay was part of the team that won the arbitral ruling for the Philippines against China on the South China Sea. Hilbay already said the 60-40 deal would negate the country’s victory in the arbitral court. Also, Early Edition will have Amb. Wilfrido Villacorta as guest to talk about the issue.

Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

Benham Rise fail

Incidentally, Philstar reports that the Philippines has lost its bid to rename features in the Benham Rise. ANC will provide more details and information on this.

Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

Last day in Kuwait

It’s the last day of Amb. Renato Villa after he was expelled by the Kuwaiti government. ANC will stay in close contact with our Middle East bureau for the latest updates on this. We will also try get more information and details on the embassy staff and diplomats who are facing arrests. Some of them are said to be holed up inside the Philippine embassy. Amb. Wilfrido Villacorta will also share his thoughts on the diplomatic row.

Courtesy: ABS-CBN News

Narco list
PDEA chief Aaron Aquino will be guest on Headstart to talk about the release of the narco list. It contains the names of 207 barangay officials broken down to 117 barangay kagawads and 90 barangay chairmans, mostly from the Bicol Region. Some barangay officials are already issuing denials of any involvement in the drug trade, saying they are victims of mistaken identity. The list was released with the barangay elections just around the corner.